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The American Modified Series is a touring racing series founded in 2010 for dirt track open wheel modified racecars and racers. This division of motorsports is the fastest growing division in all of grass roots racing. The series has sanctioned events at race tracks in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee. The American Modified Series sanctioned twenty-two (22) events in 2019 with the 2020 schedule similar.

The American Modified Series attracts some of the most talented and professional drivers in America giving fans that in your face excitement and competition that everyone wants to see!

The Cars that compete on the American Modified Series features a tubular chassis from the firewall back, but utilize a stock front clip from a passenger vehicle. However, there is really nothing stock about a Dirt Open Wheel Modified. The cars are required to weigh 2,400 pounds with the driver and possess engines that can make upwards of 700 horsepower, turning in excess of 8,000 RPM's, with engines being based on Chevrolet, Ford, MOPAR, and Toyota V-8 power plants.

The American Modified Series will run under the UMP Rules package and have access to the UMP sanction body press releases and newsletters to reach a huge established group of racers, fans and sponsors already.

The American Modified Series has put in place the necessary infrastructure with an experienced professional staff to provide racers, promoters, sponsors and racefans an exciting brand of entertainment and provide tremendous publicity and brand awareness to companies associated with the series.